Our Story

Dear Parents,

We started Kiddos Footprints with a core value that quality and health should always be affordable. As a mom of three and co-founder of Kiddos Footprints Shoes, we want to give your children the opportunity to grow big and strong, starting with a healthy walk.

We know how frustrating shopping for shoes can be, and talking to parents, made us realized we were not alone. To ensure your children's happy and healthy growth, we spent endless hours researching for high-quality shoes that support healthy development.

The truth is, the problem is more common among children than parents know. Studies show that 6 out of 10 children will suffer from anatomical or functional development by age six due to improper shoes. 

Looking to solve this critical problem, we partnered with KLIN, a company with almost 40 years of experience manufacturing shoes. Kiddos Footprints proudly offers many different styles for boys and girls with high-quality materials. We also make shopping for the correct size an easy process for all. 

Hope you love our shoes as much as we do!!

Team Kiddos Footprints

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